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Customs & Traditions of Christmas

A custom that many families enjoy is counting down to Christmas day using an advent calendar. According to the Christian beliefs, since Christmas is related with the birth of Christ, it should be celebrated with religious thoughts. The non-religious celebrate the joyous traditions. The pagans celebrate nature and the tie-in with Winter Solstice while the commercial enterprises enjoy the profits from the sale of decorations, symbols, and gifts.
There are many interesting customs surrounding the celebration of Christmas. Those who believe in these, perform these holiday customs, while others simply indulge in celebrating this day with friends and family. One of the most interesting customs is counting days to Christmas on the advent calender. Decorating the Christmas tree with lights and stars with family is another. Then there is Holly, which was believed to have magical powers because of its shiny leaves and ability to bear fruits during winters. While some believed it contains a syrup that can cure cough, others hang Holly above their beds to have good dreams. There are many such customs that are performed throughout the Christmas week.
Christmas traditions vary from country to country. The common traditions that are followed everywhere are- decorating the Christmas tree, the advent of the Wreaths, hanging socks and candy canes, the arrival of Santa Clause, the enacting of the Nativity and recount the story of the Jesus's birth in Bethlehem. Exchanging gifts and cards, and singing Christmas carols are an integral part of Christmas celebrations.

Many countries still follow the traditions of 'Mistletoe'. It is said that a Kiss under the mistletoe means acceptance and reconciliation as Mistletoe represents the merging of heaven and earth, and God's own reconciliation with man. The tradition of Yule log is also celebrated in many countries. An enormous log is cut and put in the heath, sprinkling it with salt, oil and mulled wine. People then pray to keep their houses protected from darkness.